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The ultimate artificial intelligent, all-in-one CRM, sales & marketing software.

We help small businesses grow big.

Don't lose another customer.

With our automatic Missed Call Text Back your leads and customers will get a text message immediately after a missed call to prevent them from going to your competitor.


of calls

to small businesses

go unanswered.

Don't be that business.

Mission Control

in a Sales App

Your command center where you easily communicate over SMS, voice, email, facebook, Google Business Messaging and more with all of your leads and clients.

Tap to send a review request, an invoice for payment, to view your appointments, to view your opportunity pipeline and more.


Command Center

All communication including SMS, email, voicemail, recorded phone calls, Google, Facebook & Instagram messages and webchat - are consolidated into one place where you view and respond to everything!

A good reputation is more valuable than money

- Publilius Syrus

Rack up the 5-Star reviews with our automated reputation management and review request bot. Send a review link with one click or let our AI bots do it for you.




Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) leads and prospects can automatically schedule appointments on your calendar without you lifting a finger.

Artificial Intelligence

with Real Results

GainHub allows you to leverage AI and Machine Learning to manage the conversation.

A Few of the Dozens of Features

ChatGPT & Content AI

Use our built-in AI to auto create your written content in seconds

Workflow Automations

Automate just about everything including nurture campaigns, review requests, +++

Web Chat

A better web chat that moves the conversation to their mobile via text

Facebook Message

All facebook messages automatically come into your conversations command center

Reputation Management

Automate review requests and watch your business grow as your reputation skyrockets

Funnels & Websites

Build and host unlimited website pages and funnels

Email Marketing

Build, manage and automate Email Marketing Campaigns

Membership Site

Have your own membership or courses site

Restrict access by signup or purchase

Hosted Video

Host your videos for free

You no longer need Wistia or Vimeo

Affiliate & Referral Manager

Track and pay out referral rewards.

Referrals are the best source for new clients.

Stop overpaying for software

that underdelivers

Offer ends in

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up you will be invited to fill out our onboarding questionnaire which asks business specific questions needed to configure your account. You will then be asked to schedule an onboarding zoom call with the GainHub Team where they will help you get everything set up properly so that your account is up and running and producing results for your business. The entire on-boarding process typically takes 2-10 days - depending on your availability and that of our onboarding team.

Will GainHub help us get our account set up?

Yes. The GainHub Team will help you get your account setup properly with many of our pre-built features so that GainHub is a revenue producer for your business. We know that once you implement GainHub in your business, you'll only wish you had done it sooner. If you want to know more about what this will look like for your business, schedule a demo today.

Does GainHub offer ongoing help and support?

Yes. All clients get our FREE 24/7 live chat support, zoom support and access to our extensive knowledge base. Live chat support is here to assist you to learn how to do-it-yourself (DIY). Our goal is to help you be self sufficient on our platform so you don't have to pay additional fees to have us or someone else leverage the endless power of GainHub - unless you want to.

Other companies like HubSpot charge per contact and per user, how many contacts and users can we have in GainHub?

We give you unlimited contacts and unlimited users (and unlimited funnels, workflow automations, etc). When comparing GainHub to competitors, be sure to research feature limitations. For example, in HubSpot, to get access to workflow automations (they call it Sales Sequences and Marketing Automation) it will cost you more than $1,500 per month + $4,000 onboarding. And that is only for up to 7,000 marketing contacts. Above that your price goes up $225 per 5,000 additional contacts. Ouch!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no contracts. Cancel anytime. Unused days are not refunded.

Are there other fees I should expect?

Charges other than your subscription that you will be billed for are usage fees for texts, emails, calls, Content AI (artificial intelligence content generation) and premium triggers (think Zapier). Each text segment (under 160 characters) costs $.03 cents each. Incoming calls cost $.034/min, outgoing calls cost $.052/min. An email is $.0027 each. Premium triggers cost $.01/ea (as a comparison, Zapier costs more than 4 times that). Each plan includes free credits each month to cover the cost of your new phone number to use with the system and to offset some of these charges. To put it in perspective, $10 will buy about 295 incoming calls or 335 text segments or 3700 emails. The average client will spend less than $20/month on usage fees. GainHub Custom DFY (Done For You) support is billed separately at $200/hour. Examples of DFY Support: Hiring GainHub to build you custom workflow automations, email campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, etc. Large customizations are quoted per project. Contact us for more information. Keep in mind, all clients get our 24/7 live chat support, zoom support and our extensive knowledge base. Our FREE live chat support is here to assist you to learn how to do-it-yourself (DIY). Our goal is to help you be self sufficient on our platform so you don't have to pay additional fees to have us or someone else leverage the endless power of GainHub. Pricing is effective as of January 2023 but subject to change.

Does GainHub offer custom software development?

Yes! GainHub develops custom solutions outside of our CRM, Sales & Marketing suite to solve your business-specific problems, improve your efficiency and streamline your operations. Our purpose is to help your business grow - profitably.

Question: What's the cost for custom software by GainHub?
Answer: Cost varies by project, BUT our solutions always provide a healthy ROI for our clients - usually in multiples over the cost of the software.

Contact us today to see if we are a good fit.

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